“The question is not what is the cost of architecture, but what is the cost of not having architecture.”

We see architecture as an act of profound optimism. Its foundation lies in believing that it is possible to make places on the earth that can give a sense of grace to life – and believing that this matters. It is what we have to give and it is what we leave behind. We measure the value of our work by the quiet pleasure of the lives lived in our buildings. We want to solve problems and we want to transcend solutions. We try to work with a thoughtful integrity to make buildings that will last and be loved.

We tackles budget, legislation and contexts specifically and strategically. We integrate quality of air and light as well as a humanistic viewpoint drawn from our “experience” of a given space. We seek the maximum performance from the resources used while imparting the least environmental disturbance. We develop a close relationship with our clients in order to offer them creative, functional and efficient solutions.

In that spirit, we also are committed to the improvement of the living conditions of disadvantaged and marginalized people through humanitarian and cooperation development projects that took us to many countries over the past years.


Mikhail Broger Architecte EPFL-SIA ⎢SDC-SHA

2015-today : Founder of MB Architects

2011-today : Humanitarian aid missions with the Swiss Humanitarian Aid

2011 : Technical Consultant for the German Agency for Development & Cooperation

2010 – 2011 : Freelance architect, Switzerland

2004-2010 : Architect at EJ Architects, Lausanne

2001-2002 : Internship at Sanchéz Arquitectos, Mexico

1998-2004 : Master in architecture, EPFL, Lausanne